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Midwest Ovation Dog Crates
Midwest Ovation Dog Crates

Midwest Ovation Dog Crates

A unique and innovative type of crate, with the “Up and Away” door the Ovation crate series from Midwest allows you to easily stow the door which allows you to be able to use this crate where a traditional crate would not because of the amount of room needed for the door to fully open. An added bonus of this crate line is the door entrance which has a low threshold which enables easier entrance and exit from the crate.

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Midwest Double Door iCrate Dog Crate

Midwest Double Door
iCrate Dog Crate

The Double Door iCrates include a FREE
Divider Panel so that you can limit the
amount of space inside the dog crate.
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Life Stages Dog Crates

Life Stages Dog
Crates and Cages

Life Stages Dog Crates are the toughest
dog crates, reinforced with extra tough,
closely spaced wire to hold up to heavy use.
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Midwest iCrate Dog Crates

Midwest iCrate
Dog Crates

The Midwest iCrates include a FREE
Divider Panel so that you can limit the
amount of space inside the dog crate.
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Wicker Dog Crates and Cages Travel Pet Crates Dog Pens
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Folding Dog Crates

Folding Dog Crates

Folding Dog Crates are a great choice
for transporting pets as they can be
folded away for storage.

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Dop pin dog crates

Drop Pin Dog Crates

Drop Pin Dog Crates are ideal for the
dog owner who wants to set up a sturdy
home for their pet, but does not need
to move it around a lot.
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Soft Dog Crates

Soft Dog Crates

Soft Dog Crates are the newest trend in
dog transportation and comfort. They
are sturdy and easy to transport.

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Wicker Dog Crates and Cages

Wicker Dog Crates

Wicker Dog Crates are the ultimate
combination of craftsmanship, style, and
comfort as a great home for the dog.

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Travel Pet Crates

Travel Pet Crates

Many of our Travel Pet Crates are Airline
Approved, so you no longer have to worry
about your beloved best friend's safety
during those long flights.
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Dog Pens

Dog Pens

Whether you are raising a litter of puppies
or just want to provide a lot of space for
one puppy, puppy play pens are an
excellant dog crate solution.
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Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels

Outdoor Dog Kennels are a great and
affordable way to keep the dog safe in the
yard, while allowing him plenty of space.

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Dog Crate Accessories

Dog Crate Accessories

Dog Crate Covers, Dog Crate Dollies,
and any Replacement Dog Crate Parts can
all be found in Dog Crate Accessories.

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Designer Dog Crates

Designer Dog Crates

These Designer Wooden Dog Crates
are the perfect accent for any home.
Designed to cleverly blend in with the
surrounding furniture and decor.
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» Proper crate training can play a big role in the growth and behavioral development of a dog. They can be an effective training tool to house train a dog. With proper training your dog will view the crate as a room and not a penalty box. Here at Dog Crates 4 Less we sell industry leading products for the very best prices around.

» Have you ever heard of the saying “natural den instinct”? To have a natural den instinct is to instinctually seek out a den or a place you can call your own. Dogs do this all time without you even noticing. Have you ever seen someone’s dog tend to “hide” underneath a desk or under the coffee table? Since the domestication of dogs is a rather modern event in the history of canines, dogs naturally seek out a place of their own. Therefore, dogs natural feel secure when they are inside a crate.

We Guarantee...

» We guarantee that dog owners can find the right crate for any dog with our very reasonable prices right here. Our wide selection includes: durable wire mesh crates, portable folding crates, odor free wicker crates, and even elegant wooden crates.

Midwest Homes for Dogs

» Dog Crates 4 Less is proud to offer the entire line of Midwest Homes for Dogs.

» Looking for a Midwest dog crate that will complement any home? We proudly offer a wide selection of wicker dog crates made from imitation wicker for your dog’s safety. The wicker Midwest dog crates are odor free and easy to keep clean, unlike other wooden crates that promises great features but can not surpass our high standards. For a stylish dog crate or dog playpen for the puppies, this is the site for you. Our soft crates are made from a waterproof nylon material and the dog playpens are can be folded to a compact size for easy storage.


» As a word of advice to our visitors, please be wary of other sites that offer similar products that are from a manufacturer that does not have a website. We believe that the best customer is an informed customer. In the research for quality dog crates, coming across brands that do not have a manufacturers’ website, the chances are that the product has been named something catchy and may not be made with the same standards that we hold the products we carry to.

Shop with us! We are the only place where you can find both quality and affordability.

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